About the Kairos Community

trinityIn the New Testament, kairos time is distinguished from chronos time by its close relationship with the liberative action of God in Jesus Christ. Kairos time is therefore something of an interruption and breaking of chronological time. It is the moment in which the reign of God is manifest to transform people, communities and the universe as a whole.

The Kairos Community was founded in 2013 by a group of Uniting Church clergy who felt that the church in which they were ordained was in serious danger of losing its specifically Christian identity and mission.  The community has grown to include clergy from other churches, clergy who can affirm the Community’s Rule. The community exists to nurture and encourage clergy who believe that the contemporary mission of the church needs to draws its primary power from the normative work of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament, the ecumenical creeds, and the broadly catholic rites of worship.

The Community meets monthly in Auburn, Victoria – to share in worship, to reflect theologically, and to encourage its members in ministry. Each member contributes an annual tithe to cover catering and other expenses. If you want to learn more about the Community, please do read on, using the page links to the left.